Three month “Grace Period” for some Garden Centres and Plant Nurseries from new Irish Sea border checks.

Brexit is due to complete and at the end of the transition on 1st January Northern Ireland will remain in the EU single market for goods whilst the rest of the UK will leave. New controls and processes will be needed for importing plants from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, it has been confirmed these will be introduced from April.
The retailers who will be covered by the grace period is yet to be confirmed.
What will change:
The most significant change is that plants will need to be accompanied by a health certificate. This will need to be issued by a qualified plants inspector.
The UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) says this will not apply between 31 December and 1 April.
"If you're moving plants or plant products from GB to NI, you will not require official certification, such as export health certificates, phytosanitary certificates or marketing standards certification," it states.
"The UK government and the NI Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs will engage in a rapid exercise to ensure that traders who can benefit from these arrangements are identified prior to 31 December.
"The government will not discriminate against smaller suppliers or between different companies in implementing these practical measures."
The grace period does not cover customs declarations, these will be needed for commercial shipments of goods from GB-NI from 1 January.
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