Ensuring customers take away a great and safe experience

Tri-Star Packaging Sales Director Lee Richards:
Writing this as England entered Lockdown 2.0, garden centres continued trading much as they had done when they re-opened on 13th May after the first Coronavirus lockdown. Along with food and hardware shops, garden centres are essential retailers, and offer Covid-secure retail environments with open spaces and plenty of ventilation.
Social distancing, face coverings, sanitisers, one-way systems with clear signage, and contactless payments continue to protect both customers and staff while many onsite cafes and food and beverage facilities have been converted to takeaway only service.
The focus has now turned towards safe and secure packaging that enhances presentation and boosts profits. During the first lockdown, we were pleased that many businesses came to Tri-Star Packaging for both products and advice. We are able to offer a consultative approach on how to operate safely, in the right way with the right products.
Tri-Star Packaging is best known for its foodservice packing and we’re certainly able to offer lots of advice for restaurants and cafés which are increasing their takeaway offering. Tri-Star Packaging offers one of the widest ranges, from quick-serve stackable hot and cold food packaging, to simple sandwich packs, while our PortaBrands drinks-carriers range enables the easy and safe carrying of multiple drinks, while speeding up service and boosting profits.
But we’re not just experts in packaging. We supply everything a business needs to operate safely and efficiently – we have developed a larger consolidated offer which gives greater convenience while offering a fantastic price point. Tri-Star’s Essentials Range now includes everything a garden centre needs to operate safely. It features personal protection equipment (PPE) as well as convenient and flexible janitorial solutions from cleaning chemicals to paper hygiene products and cloths and wipes.
Tri-Star has always offered janitorial and cleaning products alongside its core packaging ranges, but these are now more in focus than ever. For example, our Cleanline® and Cleanline® Eco ranges provide solutions for routine daily use on floors, glass and surfaces as well as specialist heavy duty products such as descaler and oven cleaner. The range includes the fast acting Cleanline® Ultra Disinfectant, a high-performance disinfectant with broad spectrum activity against bacteria and yeast, which is virucidal and effective against enveloped viruses including Coronavirus (BCoV).
Tri-Star Packaging is pleased to be able to help garden centres operate food service outlets safely, with advice and a product range which is designed to enhance the grab and go takeaway offer and provide safe and secure packaging, PPE and cleaning and chemical ranges.
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