Honeyfield’s and Garden Centres are a Marriage made in heaven.

Whilst the Marriages’ name has not been present within Garden Centres until recently, their products certainly have. This is because they have been supplying some of the biggest Bird Care Brands in Garden Centres over the last few decades with their high-quality Wild Bird Feed. As the industry has been changing, Marriage’s have built up their own brand of Wild Bird Care, Honeyfield’s, into the authority on environmentally friendly Wild Bird Care that you see today. 
Despite Marriage’s being around since 1824, the company has continued to innovate and grow whilst keeping their traditional values at the heart of what they do. Over the last twelve months, the Honeyfield’s range has doubled in size with innovations in the Birdseed, Treats and Feeders. This expansion has been sparked by the success of the brand in garden centres over the last few years, with the star of the show being the ‘nutribombs’, which are high-quality fat balls without fillers, meaning no limestone, no calcium carbonate, no  sand, no chalk or clay, unlike other fat balls that can be found on the  market. The sales of these products exploded and it isn’t surprising as, in palatability tests, the nutribomb beat every other major player on the market.
Honeyfield’s has now become a familiar sight at trade shows and this years’ Glee was no exception. The Honeyfield’s stand, which showcased their vast variety of Wild Bird Food and Feeders, also highlighted their new expanded range including their new range of Wild Bird Tables and Wild Bird Nest Boxes, all of which are made in the UK from quality FSC timber. The Bird Tables are a natural progression for the brand which is making its mark on the ground as a key player within the Wild Bird Care Sector. Each Bird Table endured an extensive new product development process to ensure the best quality for consumers and the best instore space optimisation for retailers. The Bird Tables are flat-packed, predrilled and marked for easy self-assembly.  This flat-packed product is then presented in a beautiful box and shipped to retailers in a pre-filled quarter pallet display, it simply couldn't be easier to stock these Bird Tables. 
Managing Director, and a sixth-generation Miller, Sam Marriage said of Glee, ‘We had a brilliant Glee and we were able to have meaningful conversations with the major garden centre groups about the coming season. I am very excited to see that the market is becoming more and more innovative in how we serve Retailers, Consumers and Wild Birds.’ 
As part of their stand at Glee, Marriage’s showed why they are one of the most eco-friendly Wild Bird Care companies on the market and were highly commended in the Lincolnshire Environmental Awards 2014. Sharing their stand with the RSPB (of whom they are suppliers of Fair to Nature Wild Birdseed) and Bird & Wild Bird Friendly Coffee, it is clear that conservation is engrained into every pore of the company. 
Marriage’s was the first supplier of Fair to Nature Birdseed in the UK. To be awarded the Fair to Nature accreditation, companies must commit to, where the ingredients allow, using cereals and other seeds grown on Fair to Nature farms. These farms grow special areas of seed-bearing crops to provide food for farmland bird species, such as linnets, skylarks, and buntings – especially important during the cold winter months and into early spring when the Birds are getting ready to nest and breed. This means that Honeyfield’s Wild Bird Food not only feeds the birds in the garden but looks after the birds in our countryside too! This is an incredibly important step to ensuring the conservation of wildlife with Butterflies decreasing by 72% in the past decade and less than 1 million Hedgehogs left in the UK. 
Marriage’s, the supplier of seed for both Honeyfield’s and the RSPB, both of which bear the ‘Fair to Nature’ Accreditation have taken their sustainability pledge to another level with their Pick & Mix Eco-Fill Tubs. These Eco-Fill Tubs have taken inspiration from Zero Waste and Bulk Shops and encourages the consumer to use a ‘Tub for Life’ to refill their Birdseed instead of them purchasing bags of Birdseed every time they shop. 
Sam Marriage explained ‘In todays modern world, 61% of consumers say they’re likely to switch to a brand that is more environmentally friendly than their current brand. So, our commitment to reducing waste and providing Fair to Nature products truly resonates with the consumer’.
For more information on their new range of products please visit http://www.honeyfieldswildbird.co.uk/ 
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