Wildlife World celebrates 20 years

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Wildlife World. Founder and MD of Wildlife World, Norman Sellers has seen the company grow into one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of wildlife feeders, habitats and other educational products.
Norman started making and selling simple wildlife products and gradually the love for wildlife transformed into a business. With a strong commitment to the conservation of species, Wildlife World now produces a huge range of innovative and valuable nesting habitats and feeders for birds, mammals, amphibians and insects for use in the UK, Europe and the Americas. As part of its strong commitment to the environment, the company also uses many recycled materials in its products.
Norman commented: “I would like to express my thanks to our longstanding team and a community that’s been supportive from the start. Wildlife World is extremely grateful to all its loyal customers and it will be exciting to be part of future development in wildlife products over the next 20 years.”
Wildlife World has created such a reputation for its products that it is supplying habitats to some of the biggest conservation charities, including the National Trust, RSPB, NABU, LPO and Amnesty International. It is also supplying some of the biggest retailers and garden distributors in Europe and America.
The company is proud to have won the award for Best New Retail Product (Wildlife) for its Simon King Brushwood Robin Nester at the 2017 Garden Retail Awards and the Dewdrop Wildbird Window Feeder won Best New Product at the Glee.
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