Plant care app smashes its crowdfunding target – by 137%

SmartPlant, the app that allows users to upload their plant collection and receive horticultural care advice has smashed its crowdfunding target by 137%
Supported by TribeFirst - the first dedicated crowdfunding support agency for startups and established brands – Smartplant’s campaign attracted more than 300 investors and raised more than £275k.
One surprise investor came in the form of renowned celebrity gardener, Diarmuid Gavin, recognisable from the BBC’s Gardeners' World and Home Front.
Commenting on the company’s successful raise, George Williams, CEO of SmartPlant said:
“SmartPlant's progress this year has been incredible, with the additional funds the app will be able to scale new heights and provide a service to its new partners and consumers that will transform the world of plant retail”
SmartPlant’s barcode-scanning technology allows customers at participating retailers to receive a free premium membership with each plant they buy, receive monthly care advice and chat with over 100 horticultural experts.
Once a customer has scanned a plant, the app links to the specific garden centre and products relevant to their monthly advice, helping shops to retain customers, actively engage them, and boost sales.
SmartPlant is connecting its growing list of partners to a young demographic not known for having an interest in gardening. Surprisingly, its user base of more than 170k consists mostly of 25-35-year-olds.
By engaging a new generation of plant lovers, the company is also helping retailers to further tap into the UK’s booming gardening industry, worth £5 billion even after excluding the landscaping and amenity sector.
The technology has attracted partnerships from key players in the global gardening industry including Longacres, the largest independent garden centre in the UK, and Orchard Supply Hardware, owned by Lowe's, the second-largest hardware chain in the US.
SmartPlant’s data also gives garden centres an idea of who their existing customers are, which is crucial in an age of booming e-commerce.
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