Visit Tri-Stat At Glee

Tri-Star Packaging is the UKs leading foodservice packaging supplier, adding value for garden centre caterers with its wide range of sustainable quick-serve foodservice packaging which is not only convenient, hygienic and fit for purpose, but also easy to store and use, therefore speeding up service.

During the pandemic, Tri-Star packaging placed increased emphasis on providing everything a garden centre needs to operate safely and efficiently. The Essentials Range now includes: popular lines of food and drink packaging, personal protection equipment (PPE); and convenient and flexible janitorial solutions and products. The Cleanline®Eco range provides solutions for routine daily use on all surfaces and includes the ready-to-use Cleanline®Eco Food Safe Sanitiser which is a multi-surface cleaner and sanitiser suitable for use in food preparation and service areas.

Visitors to GLEE can see Tri-Star Packagings new Edenpak range of high-quality home compostable packaging, the latest seasonal ranges and new bespoke digitally printed carrier bags. The eye-catching bags are recyclable and compostable, and available in short production runs, with no origination charges, so can be frequently updated throughout the year for events or seasonal promotions. Also on show will be Tri-Star Packagings PortaBrands drink carriers which enable the easy and safe carrying of multiple drinks while saving space and speeding up service.

Last chance to comply with Natasha’s Law

GLEE 2021 takes place just two weeks before Natashas Law comes into effect, and garden centre caterers need to be ready.

Natashas Law is so called due to successful campaigning by the family of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse who died, aged 15, in July 2016, after suffering a fatal allergic reaction from eating a baguette purchased in Heathrow Airport.

From October 2021, Natashas Law will ensure that essential information is always available to help people with a food allergy or intolerance make safe food choices. Food pre-packed for direct sale will need to have a label with a full ingredients list, emphasising allergenic ingredients.

Tri-Star Packagings labelling division, Gen-Label, makes complying with Natashas Law simple and straightforward. Accessed via a secure web portal, the easy-to-use Gen-Label Online software solution allows garden centre caterers to build and maintain lists of ingredients – including specific allergens – and then simply print them onto pre-formatted blank labels using a standard PC and laser-jet printer. Instantly updatable, it manages all labelling requirements from product descriptions, ingredients and bar codes to allergen and nutritional information – including the governments front of pack traffic light system – enabling caterers to quickly amend labels and comply with changes in food labelling legislation.

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