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How much time do Brits spend in the garden?


Green-fingered Brits with a fondness for the outdoors spend the equivalent of over three years of their working lives out in the backyard preening and maintaining their gardens during their lifetime.
The research has been carried out by garden furniture specialists, who discovered that UK gardeners spend an average of a whopping 5,675 hours getting their lawns and flowers looking pristine over 50 years.
Taking into account that Brits usually spend around 37 hours per week at work for 48 weeks of the year, this means that the UK’s garden enthusiasts will spend the equivalent of just over three years of their working lives in the garden.
The figures were compiled to see once and for all how much time the UK spends getting their gardens to look their best.
Even though Brits are less likely to venture into their gardens during the winter, their love for getting their sears, paint pots and lawnmowers out of the shed still sees them spending an average of just over two hours gardening each week.
In total, this means that the average UK gardener will spend around 114 hours on tasks like trimming hedges, re-painting fences and weeding each year.
The garden furniture specialists took in to account regular tasks as well as the one-off jobs homeowners tend to complete just once or twice a year, including a wide range of outdoor chores such as painting sheds and fences, mowing the lawn, raking leaves and cleaning the patio.
A spokesperson for commented:
“Spending an average of nearly two hours in the garden each week may seem like a high figure, but it just goes to prove that we really are a nation of garden lovers.
“You’ve also got to take into account that trimming hedges and re-painting fences aren’t quick jobs – these two chores alone will take around 17 hours each year!
“Most garden chores can also only really be undertaken during spring and summer thanks to Britain’s notoriously changeable weather, so a huge chunk of this time will actually be spent during the warmer months, with Brits’ gardens often becoming a little neglected during the winter.
“Still, 5,675 hours is an incredible amount of time to be spent preening and maintaining our gardens over a lifetime, and it just goes to show how proud we are as a nation of our backyard havens.”
Garden Tasks Average time spent each year
Mowing lawn 15 hours - one hour every fortnight for 30 weeks of the year
Trimming Hedges 9 hours - three hours to trim boundary hedges and clear up, three times a year
Watering plants/flowers 45 hours - 15 minutes every day during spring and summer (20 March – 22 September)
Other plant/flower maintenance 13 hours – 30 minutes every week during spring and summer
Weeding 13 hours – one hour every fortnight during spring and summer
Raking leaves 6.5 hours – 30 minutes every week in autumn
Re-painting sheds and fences 8 hours – 8 hours once a year
Jet-washing patios 4 hours – 2 hours twice a year
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